Medical Trailers

At Lynton Trailers, we specialise in the design, manufacture, and refurbishment of all kinds of trailers. They have a wide range of applications including healthcare, where we are a major supplier of mobile medical units to the NHS and private healthcare sector. We do this through framework agreements such as CM/FMT/08/5046 NHS Trailer & Mobile Units, and NBS/1009/S/SP the provision of specialist units to the National Blood Service. This imposes a huge responsibility upon us, and one which we take very seriously. All of our mobile medical trailers are manufactured to the most up-to-date and exacting requirements. We build medical trailers that support healthcare professionals in their vital work. What exactly is a medical trailer and how can it help healthcare providers deliver healthcare services?

Medical Trailers

What is a medical trailer?

Mobile medical trailers are completely flexible facilities that can be adapted to provide different types of healthcare, wherever it’s needed. They can be used for a wide range of purposes but have been particularly useful when it comes to delivering mammography and health screening. They’ve also been valuable as blood donation vehicles and trailers in support of the National Blood Service. As a huge scale Covid-19 vaccination programme is rolled out across the UK and the world, mobile medical trailers will be playing a key role.

Why are medical trailers used and what are their advantages?

Medical trailers help healthcare providers to develop flexible healthcare that can expand to meet the ever-changing needs of patients across a range of healthcare services. They’re completely mobile, meaning they can be taken to where the need is greatest. They can also be made entirely bespoke, ensuring they’re completely tailored to whatever medical task they’re designed for. The wide range of uses to which they’re put means that mobile medical trailers play a vital role in expanding health care provision. They allow healthcare providers to respond quickly to changing healthcare demands, getting provision where it’s needed as quickly as possible. With mobile screening services they allow health care providers to take a proactive approach, taking the service out to where people are. This can encourage more people to engage with the process and promote better outcomes.

What are the different types of medical trailers?

There are almost as many different types of medical trailer as there are medical disciplines. At Lynton Trailers we’ve supplied all kinds of mobile medical trailers including:
●  Mammography / Breast Screening Trailers
●  Dental Units
●  CT / MRI Trailers
●  Health Screening Trailers
●   Blood Donation Vehicles
●   Audiology Vehicles
●   Sexual Health Clinics
●   Optometry Clinics
●   Gynaecology Screening Units
●   Podiatry Clinics
●   Wellbeing Screening Units

Lynton Trailers are trusted providers of mobile medical units

If you’re looking for a mobile medical unit for sale, then you should look no further than Lynton Trailers. We have unrivalled experience when it comes to medical units and understand the unique requirements of the health care sector. It’s why our medical trailers are trusted by the NHS and the National Blood Service among many others. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help or if you have a question about medical trailers, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.