Display & Exhibition Trailers

Lynton offers a comprehensive range of trailers from 750kg up to 3500kg, over 3500kg but not more than 10,000kg and over 10,000kg dependant on your design criteria and application. Close-coupled, multi axles and turntable configurations are available. With many years of experience, our design and engineering team will strive to give your project originality, functionality without losing sight of the project goal.

When it comes to marketing your business, meeting potential new customers and sharing your products and services it’s important to go where people are. There are always plenty of opportunities to do this, be it at a trade fair, a local event or some other kind of large public gathering, particularly during the summer months. Having the ability to present your products, highlight your branding and meet customers is vital. One means to achieve this is through your own branded display and exhibition trailer.  ‍    

Display & Exhibition Trailers are a versatile marketing tool

Display & Exhibition Trailers are trailers that come in a variety of sizes that allow a business or organisation to set up a temporary display. These are most commonly used at trade fairs and county shows. They can be adapted for a wide range of different purposes depending on the nature of the owner’s business and can easily be branded to reflect the company logo and colours, making them instantly recognisable. We also stock recruitment and demonstration trailers for various purposes.

A range of different sizes and uses

Display and Exhibition trailers encompass a wide range of different sizes and uses of trailer. They may be a simple, small branded trailer which is used for merchandise. They could be an information trailer used by an organisation such as those commonly used by the Ministry of Defence . They might even be used to host a mobile museum exhibition. If an event is having music or another form of entertainment, then a mobile stage trailer might be used on site.

Why are display & exhibitions trailers such a great choice?

Trailers specifically designed for exhibitions, display and other mobile needs are an excellent investment for a range of businesses and other organisations. As well as being a loyal, branded means by which to get the word out about your business, they also give you a range of different benefits. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, they’re mobile. You can load up your trailer with all of the equipment and materials you need and then transport it to where you need it. When your trailer isn’t on the road, it can be used as a place in which to store all the materials you need for your mobile presence. With a mobile display and exhibition trailer you can take your marketing to locations you might not otherwise be able to reach.

Below are different types and purposes for display and exhibition trailers:    
    ● Marketing trailers
    ● Point of Sale trailers
    ● Product Promotion trailers
    ● Roadshow trailers
    ● Merchandising trailers
    ● Hospitality trailers
    ● Catering trailers

Lynton Trailers can build your bespoke display and exhibition trailer

At Lynton Trailers, we’re experienced at building display and exhibition trailers for a range of different purposes. From advertising trailers, exhibition trailers, and catering and hospitality trailers, we work with our customers to understand their needs and then create a trailer that meets them. With many years of experience our design and engineering team will aim to bring originality to your project without losing sight of functionality and the original project goal. We also create and sell medical, motorised, demountable and articulated trailers for different needs.

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