Used Second-Hand Trailers For Sale

Our choice of used, second-hand Exhibition Trailers enables you to promote your company on a limited budget. The majority of used units available for sales are manufactured by Lynton's for our own hire fleet so you can be sure that they have been meticulously maintained throughout to meet the needs of our hire customers. Should any of the trailers be not quite to your specific requirement we can also offer a re-design and refurbishment option to meet your needs. All our used trailers are fully serviced, NIC EIC electrcally tested & certified prior to leaving the factory​Ask us a question about our hire units. You can see our available trailers for sale below.

Why would someone buy a used trailer?

One use for Car Trailers is a way to transport items without damaging your car; they can also be for portable catering and hospitality. Depending on what you need from your trailer, there are different types available. Used trailers are appealing due to their lower cost compared to buying brand new. Just because something is used, does not mean it isn’t still in great condition. Trailers are used for more than just function, they are also great marketing tools depending on how they are used, and how you decorate and brand them.  

What types of trailers are there?

Exhibition and Hospitality Trailers

There are so many variants of Exhibition Trailers, they can be small compact spaces, or they can open up to expansive exhibition centres. Depending on the size and weight, these used trailers will require more powerful vehicles to tow them. Hospitality Trailers, and other Mobile buildings, are very similar used trailers to the Exhibition trailers, and can be over 7 metres long!

Box Trailers

Small trailers are not as heavy and therefore can be used with a wider range of vehicles. Box Trailers are great for transporting motorcycles and vehicles, for events such as track days. They are also used for livestock; Stock Trailers can move horses to different locations, such as a race track. A box trailer is a universal term for a trailer with solid walls and isn’t refrigerated.

Cathering Trailers

Catering Trailers are some of the most recognisable trailers, used for serving food at events, roadsides, or private functions. The beauty of a used trailer for catering, is there will be equipment already installed and ready to go!

What should you check for when buying a used trailer?

Although all our used trailers on sale are checked and tested, you should always look for yourself. You need to make sure that what you are buying is fit for purpose.


Make sure you check the condition of the floors on any used trailers you buy. If the floor is made from wood, then check for rot and decay. If the floor is made from steel, it could have developed some rust, which would weaken the overall structure.


Make sure the tyres are road worthy and there is no obvious damage to them. There still needs to be the legal requirement of tread available to make them road legal. If the trailer is used, and for sale, then you can’t just assume that the tyres have been checked and replaced.

Brake Wiring

Brake lights need to be operational and the brakes need to engage. Hook the used trailer up before you buy it to check all the braking is working.

Wear & Tear

A used trailer is going to have some bumps and scrapes, look over used trailers to make sure you are happy with any imperfections. Some wear and tear is inevitable, but that should also be reflected in the price.  

Why should you buy a used second-hand trailer from Lynton?

Lynton has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing many types of trailers. Refurbishing and maintaining older models to the highest standard. Due to our knowledge, we know what makes a good trailer. Lynton has been in the mobile display and trailer market since 1986, so we know we can find the right solution for you. Don’t delay, contact us today!