Health Screening Trailers

About health screening trailers

Lynton trailers provides the following health screening trailers:
●   4.3M Mobile Treatment Centre
●   Mobile Health Information Unit
●   13.6M Medical Trailer
●   4.3M Mobile Health Screening Unit
●   4.2M Mobile Occuptational Health Screening Unit
●  5.0M Health Screening Vehicle

Health screening can refer to testing for any number of different health issues that have the potential to develop into serious issues. The most commonplace and best-known screening schemes are those related to the early detection of cancer, but there are also screening schemes that try to detect the warning signs for potentially problematic conditions. This may include screening of hearing, eyesight, and even screening for potential heart conditions. These may be targeted at different demographics who are at higher risk of developing certain conditions. Mobile health screening vehicles play a key role in supporting these programmes.

What are the advantages of mobile screening units?

Mobile screening units allow healthcare providers to roll out screening schemes at a faster rate than if they were purely clinic based. They enable providers to quickly extend capacity, and to then take the screening service out into the community. Mobile screening schemes are much more effective at reaching people than ones which are hospital or clinic based. They are particularly effective when it comes to enticing those hard-to-reach demographics who are traditionally reluctant to visit health centres.

Mobile health screening vehicles can be fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and made entirely bespoke. They can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of whatever screening process is being undertaken. They’re designed with both comfort and utility in mind, making them practical spaces to work in and visit as a patient. They are adaptable and can easily be transported to where they are most needed. This makes them much more flexible and responsive than a bricks and mortar-based screening service at a central location.

Is it just health care providers who may require mobile screening units?

While health care providers, be they the NHS or private, are the principal users of mobile screening units, they can sometimes be used by other organisations. Large employers who want to roll out workplace health screening may find them useful, likewise educational establishments such as universities. In fact, any organisation that is instituting any kind of health strategy could make use of a mobile screening unit.  Mobile occupational health units are increasingly being used, as too as mobile units for blood collection and dentistry. They add capacity quickly and make the task much easier.

Lynton Trailers are trusted to create bespoke mobile screening units

At Lynton Trailers, we’re trusted partners to the NHS, private health care providers and other organisations that use mobile health screening units. We’ve provided all kinds of screening units, including dentistry, occupational health, and blood donation vehicles. We work with the organisation involved and get to know the unique requirements of their screening strategy. We then set about creating units that perfectly fit these requirements. We also provide maintenance and refurbishment on a range of trailers, including display and demountable trailers.

If you’d like to discuss your strategy for mobile screening units, have a question you’d like answered, or find out more about our services then please contact us today?