At Lynton Trailers, we have a wide range of display & exhibition, catering, medical, and box trailers available to purchase and hire. To ensure that our trailers stay up and running and cater to our client's needs at all times, our trailer maintenance and management services can be employed. In addition, we offer refurbishment for trailers. Refurbishment for trailers is a service that can be employed to keep your trailer, irrespective of its size, in working order. Our refurbishment for trailers services additionally guarantees that your trailer preserves its quality and professional appearance. At Lynton Trailers, we understand that whether you own a small catering business or a large organisation that exhibits at roadshows, your branding may need altering or redesigning from time to time. To support you, our trailer refurbishment service can also be used to change, redesign, or rebrand your existing trailer to meet your current and future requirements. Find out more about our refurbishment services here or call us directly on 01457 852700 to discuss your needs with us today.

What Does Refurbishment For Trailers Entail?

Our refurbishment for trailers entails making minor alterations or completely rebranding existing trailers. Carried our swiftly, refurbishments can transform the appearance of your trailer and increase its product life. Although our refurbishment services entirely depend on your requirements, we frequently provide full internal refits, install modern appliances, and repaint exterior areas. In addition to the above, we can offer the following - Replacement of running gears, New floors, New walls, Electronic upgrades, Redesign of internal and external graphics, Fixture of solar reflective windows, Installation of onboard generators, and Changes to aluminium body panels.

What Are The Benefits Of Trailer Refurbishment?

Trailer refurbishment comes hand-in-hand with many benefits.  However, we have outlined some of the most noteworthy benefits. Trailer refurbishment is cost-effective; Though purchasing a new trailer to cater to your ongoing needs may seem like an ideal solution, trailer refurbishment is a suitable alternative. Furthermore, trailer refurbishment is much more cost-effective than buying a new trailer outright. Old trailers can be re-used – If you own an old trailer, you may be tempted to purchase a new trailer to fulfil your ongoing needs. However, as mentioned above, this can be costly. Instead of buying a new trailer, trailer refurbishment ensures that old trailers can be re-used. Whether your trailer needs repainting or requires new features, such as kitchen equipment, refurbishing your trailer will offer just that. Our trailer refurbishment services are a suitable solution for you, regardless of whether your trailer is old or relatively new. At Lynton Trailers, we have refurbished many trailers, some of which were initially built in the early 1990s.

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If you would like to learn more about our refurbishment for trailers service, we welcome you to contact us today. We will listen to your needs and provide a suitable solution. We will also offer you a no-obligation quote for the work that is required.  To contact us, email or give us a call on 01457 852700 today.