Breast Screening Trailers

About breast screening / mammography trailers

Lynton trailers has created a range of breast screening trailers:
●  13.6M Mobile Twin Breast Screening Unit
●  12.0M Breast Screening Trailer
●  13.6M Twin X-Ray Room Breast Screening Trailer
●  12.0M Digital Breast Screening Unit
●  12M MBSU Kings College Hospital
●  12M MBSU North London Daisy
●  12M MBSU North London Lily
●  12M MBSU Hull NHS
●  12M Mobile Breast Screening Trailer
●  12M NHS Scotland Breast Screening Programme
●  12M MBSU Kings College NHS Blue
●  12M Demountable Digital Breast Screening Unit
●  12M MBSU Wrightington, Wigon & Leigh
●  11.5M Mobile Breast Screening Trailers
●  12M MBSU Kings College NHS

One of the most common ways in which members of the public are likely to encounter a medical trailer or mobile medical unit is via mobile breast screening units.  These have been rolled out across the country by NHS Trusts as a means to encourage and expand the take-up of breast screening. They have encouraged women who may live at some distance from hospitals or other centres to attend screening, saving lives in the process.

Why breast screening is so important

The NHS offers breast screening to help save lives from breast cancer. It spots cancers at an early stage, leading to treatment that prevents the condition from becoming life-threatening. Breast cancer that is spotted early is less likely to lead to a mastectomy, or extensive chemotherapy.

How mobile breast screening units help

The value of mobile breast screening units is that they make the service easier to access. A mobile mammography unit can be moved around an area, meaning that when someone searches for mobile breast screening near me, the location is much closer at hand than they might of imagined. Mobile breast screening units have increased the uptake of breast screening services, which is one reason why health care providers continue to commission new ones. Making an intelligent use of available space, they can be fitted with all of the essential technology and other equipment required to run a busy screening operation. They are a cost-effective way to increase provision, make accessing services easier, and improving the whole experience for staff and visitors alike.

Lynton Trailers have manufactured and supplied breast screening units across the UK

The primary provider of breast screening services in the UK is the NHS, and at Lynton Trailers we’ve been commissioned to provide breast screening units for NHS Trusts across the country. NHS Scotland commissioned us to provide them with 4 single and 1 twin breast screening units, all of which carry the Silent Running True-Hybrid System (STHS). This unit has twin screening rooms allowing simultaneous screening and wheelchair access with a hydraulic lift. The units have a modern internal finish, and a range of features to make the experience more comfortable for health care staff and those being tested alike. We’ve also provided units for Kings College NHS Trust, Humberside, and Ipswich Hospitals. All of our units are made to the highest possible specification incorporating the latest design features. These not only make our units look attractive and be pleasant places to work or visit, but also make the screening service more efficient.

A trusted partner

Breast screening units are a core part of the medical services aspect of our business. We’re a trusted partner to NHS and private healthcare providers and have supplied mobile mammography units to a growing number of trusts. We create a range of medical trailers including health screening, dental and CT / MRI trailers.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, talk about your requirements and ask any questions, then please contact us today.