Articulated Trailers

Lynton's offer a wide range of Articulated trailers from lightweight aluminium Mini-Articulated units that can be driven on a standard license through to standard HGV trailers up to 13.6m with or without hydraulic extending pods culminating in special projects such as the 23m long "Desert Super Caravans" 5 of which were manufactured for HRH the King of Saudi Arabia.

What are articulated trailers?

Articulated trailers, as with other forms of articulated vehicles, have a permanent or semi-permanent pivot joint in their construction. This allows it to turn more sharply, meaning it’s more maneuverable than a non-articulated trailer of a similar size might be. This makes them adaptable solutions that can be taken just about anywhere. Their size and scale doesn’t impact as much on mobility, meaning that larger trailers can be taken to more places without any problems.

They give users a huge capacity to carry out a wide range of promotional, logistics and leisure activities while being completely mobile. Varying in size, the smallest can be driven on a standard driving license, while larger trailers require an HGV license. They are adaptable and give users significant floor space and increased capability to provide a full mobile service.

What makes them different?

As well as the semi-permanent pivot, articulated trailers are generally larger than some of their alternatives. This makes them an ideal choice if you’re looking for significant floor space. Articulated trailers give you more options and enable you to use your trailer for a wider range of purposes.

What kind of businesses and organisations might use an articulated trailer?

Articulated trailers have a broad variety of different applications. They are regularly used to provide mobile health services, offering screening services and temporary GP surgeries. They’re frequently used as mobile display trailers and are frequently seen at country shows, exhibitions and other large-scale public events. They may also be used as a bespoke super-sized caravan for the ultimate in mobile luxury. Articulated trailers can even be used as mobile theatres and cinemas, taking art and culture to out of the way areas.

Bespoke articulated trailers from Lynton Trailers

At Lynton Trailers, we’ve been commissioned to design and create a wide variety of articulated trailers for different clients. Kings College NHS asked us to create a fully DDA compliant mobile breast screening unit. With a modern exterior and interior wall-art, it’s a clean contemporary and relaxing space. As well as a single screening room it also contains a staffroom with modern kitchen equipment. The Scottish islands can feel isolated and a little cut-off. Lynton Trailers stepped in to create an exciting mobile cinema trailer that can seat up to 110 people. Completely maneuverable, it takes the latest films to some of the UK’s most out of the way places. One of our most exciting commissions was to create 6 23m luxury super caravans for the Saudi Royal Family. These were created to the most exacting and specific standards and are towed by a specially modified Mercedes Tractor Unit. Not all articulated trailers are as grand or luxurious as super caravans, however. Our linked mini-display trailers are built to the same high standards and give all kinds of users significant display space for events.

The UK’s leading supplier of articulated trailers

Lynton Trailers is the UK’s leading supplier of all kinds of bespoke trailers with a pedigree that goes back over 50 years.  To find out more about how we can create the perfect trailer for your needs, call +44  (0)1457 852700 or email