Demountable Trailers

Lynton Trailers manufacture a range of Demountable units, these are either crane lifted into position, operated using a simple hydraulic system or transported on vehicles equipped with the "roll on roll off" hook lift sub-frame mechanism. The Demountable unit offers fully DDA compliant access they also provide more workable floor space than the standard trailer, generally positioned as a secure stand-alone facility for any application or can be integrated into existing buildings such as hospitals & schools etc.

Demountable trailers provide a versatile and highly practical option for a range of different contexts and usages. They can provide greater workable floor space and can be adapted for a range of different uses. They’re the trailer of choice for a variety of different companies and organisations.

What are demountable trailers?

A demountable unit can be crane lifted into position or can be transported on vehicles that are equipped with a roll-on, roll-off hook life subframe mechanism. They can be transported to where they’re required and then lifted into place easily. They provide robust spaces for a variety of different purposes, providing a practical alternative to other options. They are often used where a trailer will be on-site for a longer period of time, providing a relatively quick way to provide a business or service extra capacity. They help organisations take what they do out into more far-flung locations where a bricks and mortar building wouldn’t be practical.

What kind of businesses and organisations use demountable trailers?

The adaptability of demountable trailers makes them ideal for a wide range of different uses. Many emergency services and other public health and welfare providers have found them particularly useful for their needs. Demountable trailers can be fitted out as emergency control units which can be brought on-site rapidly wherever they’re needed. They can easily contain everything that’s required for providing emergency response when it’s needed. They’ve also been deployed as neighbourhood police stations and mobile breast screening clinics. They are a practical and realistic option for any organisation that wishes to extend its service provision into new areas. Demountable trailers also work well as hospitality units and showroom space for businesses.

What are the benefits of using a demountable trailer?

Demountable trailers are robust yet versatile. They can remain on-site for some time allowing you to have a permanent or semi-permanent facility where you need it. They can be fitted out for a range of different purposes, making them a quick and easy way to increase capacity, extend your services and move into a new area.

Lynton Trailers is the UK’s leading supplier of demountable trailers

At Lynton Trailers, we’ve worked with a range of businesses and organisations to provide demountable trailers that meet their requirements. Greater Manchester Police commissioned us to construct a demountable police station with a purpose-built insulated body. It gives the force the capability to quickly move a police station into a rural area or to provide extra capacity in an inner-city area at short notice. South Manchester Nightingale Centre commissioned us to create three demountable breast screening units. These are fully transportable self-contained units that have enabled the service to expand and provide full disabled access throughout. As well as providing practical solutions for public service providers we’ve also been commissioned to create versatile mobile hospitality trailers At Lynton Trailers, we’re the specialists in the design, manufacture, refurbishment and maintenance of all types of trailers and demountable units. We are fully conversant with the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring that our products are as up-to-date as possible. Call +441457852700 or email to find out more.