Services, Maintenance and Management


Provide electrical certifications for DIM vehicles, IRU incident vehicles and prime movers for the Fire and Emergency Services

Manage and Maintain medical units with the new Silent True Hybrid System

Manage and Maintain Over 350 vehicles for the MOD

Throughout the UK
Approved by the National Insepection Council
On site within 8 hours or next
97% succes rate

Total Management Service

From a single unit to a fleet, whether you choose to purchase or hire, our Total Management Service (TMS) will make your job simple by dealing with every aspect of your promotion, including staffing if required. The Lynton TMS team will handle everything from storage, valeting, delivery to the venue, siting, and display preparation.

Showpoint operates an extensive hire fleet across the UK. Units are available from 3.5M self tow trailers up to 12 metres, fully furnished, expanding mobile hospitality suites, with power generators, air conditioning, heating and kitchen facilities.

What Lynton TMS Offers:

Sourcing of promotional staff
Total Project Management
Over 50 Years Experience
Cost-effective, totally efficient
Trusted by leading brands

Exhibition Services

When it comes to exhibitions services, exhibition design services, commercial trailers and more, Lynton Trailers has a range so broad that you are sure to find the right fit for your project.  If you explore our website, you will see many of them photographed in action, with the logos and paintwork of exhibition services gone by.There is a 4M merchandising trailer, bearing the name of a leading sports brand; a 5.5M exhibition trailer with pictures of the agricultural machinery it exhibited; countless examples of previous business with the MOD and the NHS; not to mention the Yorkshire Cricket Museum and Recycle for Sheffield.Over the years, we have completed an eclectic and extensive range of trailers for our clients. Whatever your exhibition requirements, there is a trailer for it.

Our Management Services

In terms of commercial trailer services provided by Lynton Trailers, the commercial trailer itself is just the beginning. We also offer a comprehensive management service. This includes storage of the vehicle, valeting, delivery of the vehicle to the venue, display preparation, sourcing of promotional staff, and total project management from start to finish.By choosing Lynton Trailers, you will receive a turnkey solution for your project.

Our Refurbishment Services

We also offer an extensive refurbishment for trailers service.With the considerable cost of purchasing a new trailer, even second hand, refurbishment presents a more efficient and cheaper option. Lynton Trailers can undertake smaller repairs, from redesigning internal and external graphics, replacing walls or flooring, fixture of solar reflective windows – to more complicated measures, such as installation of onboard generators, changes to aluminium body panels, replacing running engine parts.Lynton recently refurbished their own fleet of glider control towers for the RAF. The trailers, built 1988/9 by Lynton, received a full internal refit with modern appliances to provide further use for veterans.Beyond efficiency and cost considerations, refurbishment may be the option for a commercial trailer service looking to keep pace with modern developments. In the case of the 7.0M mobile classroom, Lynton Trailers have manufactured close to 100 over the years for UK-based charity Life Education Centres.Some of these mobile classrooms, with the first manufactured in the early 90s, have been refurbished with updates to their electronic teaching programmes – along with other refurbishments such as new graphics and replacement running gear.It may be the case that there is a requirement to adapt an old trailer for an entirely different purpose, fitting kitchen equipment, for example. Lynton Trailers can handle this too. We offer a range of maintenance services to fix, repair and keep your trailer in good shape.

Get in touch

Whether you're looking for a small stage to exhibit at a local trade fair, a mobile museum, a Showmaster 3.6M; or a large trailer fit for a racing car, and a supercaravan fit for a racing driver, then we can respond to the needs of your project.Perhaps you're on the lookout for a small trailer – the type you can use to move your own stuff for a house move; or maybe you're looking to find a team of promotional staff and setup crew to handle the demonstration for you.Lynton Trailers has over 50 years’ experience, a success rate to be proud of, and can be on site in as little as 8 hours.Call today on 01457 852700, or email: for more information. 


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