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Services, Maintenance and Management


Provide electrical certifications for DIM vehicles, IRU incident vehicles and prime movers for the Fire and Emergency Services

Manage and Maintain medical units with the new Silent True Hybrid System

Manage and Maintain Over 350 vehicles for the MOD

Throughout the UK
Approved by the National Insepection Council
On site within 8 hours or next
97% succes rate

Total Management Service

From a single unit to a fleet, whether you choose to purchase or hire, our Total Management Service (TMS) will make your job simple by dealing with every aspect of your promotion, including staffing if required. The Lynton TMS team will handle everything from storage, valeting, delivery to the venue, siting, and display preparation.

Showpoint operates an extensive hire fleet across the UK. Units are available from 3.5M self tow trailers up to 12 metres, fully furnished, expanding mobile hospitality suites, with power generators, air conditioning, heating and kitchen facilities.

What Lynton TMS Offers:

Sourcing of promotional staff
Total Project Management
Over 50 Years Experience
Cost-effective, totally efficient
Trusted by leading brands


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