Dental Trailers

About dental trailers

Lynton Trailers offers the following dental trailers:

6.0M Mobile Dental Trailer
4.5M Mobile Dental Unit

Mobile medical trailers have a long history. They were originally conceived as a means to get vital medical treatment to places that were far removed from conventional medical centres, such as the Australian Outback. They’ve played their part in conflict zones and in tackling the outbreak of deadly diseases across the world.

In the developed world, in countries with modern healthcare systems, they’ve become an increasingly important part of how medical care is delivered. Modern medical trailers offer state-of-the-art surroundings for world-class care.

Dental trailers broaden access to dental services

With every passing year, mobile health units are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Mobile dental trailers are no exception and their use continues to grow. They are a means by which dental care can be accessed by a wider range of people, rapidly expanding capacity without compromising on the quality of the treatment or the environment in which it takes place.

Everything a dental service needs

Whether it’s a mobile dental trailer or a mobile dental hygiene unit, a state-of-the-art medical trailer can be fitted with everything that a dental service needs. As well as all of the necessary equipment required to offer a dental service, dental trailers come complete with a range of customised features. From cooling and heating systems, sound proofing for confidential consulting areas, customised fittings, workbenches and accessibility options, your dental trailer can be tailored to your precise needs.

The emphasis throughout is one of comfort and efficiency. Mobile dental trailers are built with safety in mind. They’re also incredibly easy to keep clean and safe. A dental trailer is a great place to work and receive treatment as everything has been designed with dental professionals and their patients in mind.

A mobile dental service makes a difference

Across dental services there is always concern about how to broaden access to dental services. Many people neglect their teeth or don’t access treatment regularly enough. These can be for a variety of reasons, not least difficulties in physically accessing a dental surgery. Mobile dental trailers allow dental services to roll out provision into areas where access may be difficult, such as rural areas without public transport. They can also be useful when it comes to continuity of service if your building is being renovated.

Should you find that you’ve outgrown your existing premises a dental trailer can give you the space you need to expand your provision without the cost and upheaval of building work or relocating.

Lynton Trailers create bespoke dental trailers

At Lynton Trailers, we’ve worked with dental professionals to provide the optimal solution for their needs. We specialise in the design, build, maintenance and refurbishment of all kinds of trailers, and we are passionate about helping healthcare professionals deliver the best possible service. Our trailers help healthcare services expand their provision and retain continuity during times of upheaval. We create more than dental trailers, including display, motorised, demountable and articulated trailers.

Why not contact us to find out more about how a customised dental trailer from Lynton Trailers can meet your practice needs?