Marketing Trailers

Marketing Trailers  

Mobile marketing trailers enable you to take your business out on the road. We all know about the importance of digital marketing and social media channels, but sometimes nothing beats getting to know your customers face-to-face. Marketing trailers enable you to do just that. Whether it’s a conference, a county show, a trade fair or another event your marketing trailer can transport your branded materials where they need to be.

What kind of businesses and organisations use marketing trailers?

Any business that’s serious about taking advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by trade fairs, conferences and public events needs to have a marketing trailer. Businesses that sell products and services primarily to other businesses, and those that deal principally with the public both make use of marketing trailers. Charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises also commission and use marketing trailers. In the past, we’ve created marketing trailers for estate agents, car dealerships, charitable organisations and countless others. If you want to have a presence at events then a mobile marketing trailer can ensure that you get noticed. Examples of some of the trailers we provide that can be used for marketing purposes are the 4.5m exhibition trailer, the 6.0 mobile display trailer, the 7.0 stage trailer, and many more.

What can they give your business or other organisation?

A marketing trailer enables your business to take your brand on the road. They are created to fit your exact purpose and the nature of your business. They will feature your logo, colour palette and design making it instantly recognisable at an event. It will provide the facilities you require to host customers, talk to leads and engage with passers-by. They’re comfortable to use and can be fitted with basic bathroom and kitchen facilities to make them even more user-friendly for your team. Marketing trailers can be used as a mobile showroom and provide the perfect place to exhibit your products. They can allow customers to enter your trailer and take a look at your products in a safe, comfortable and accessible environment. For B2B businesses, they are a professional choice. They have a massive amount of space inside, can be used as a formal meeting space, or a more informal space for meeting and greeting. They’re a great, relaxed place to host customers with a beverage of your choice.

Lynton Trailers are the first choice for marketing and exhibition trailers

If you’re interested in mobile marketing trailers for sale then Lynton Trailers should be your first choice. We are experienced at creating bespoke marketing trailers for a wide-range of different businesses and organisations. In 2018 Cornthwaite Agricultural approached Lynton to design and build a new promotional trailer. The result was a 5.4m unit that was carefully built to their needs. Featuring glazed bi-fold doors it was also fitted with a kitchen and refrigerator as well as curved internal seating with storage underneath. We’ve constructed a wide range of bespoke marketing trailers to meet the very different requirements of our clients.

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