Point of Sale Trailers

Point of sale trailers

If you have a business that takes goods out onto the road to sell at mobile locations then you’ll need a point of sale trailer. Pos trailers, as they’re sometimes known, give you all the benefits of a shop or market stall in a mobile facility. They enable you to take your products out onto the road with relative ease, knowing you’ve got everything you need at hand to quickly get your stall set out and ready to trade.

Marketing point of sale trailers are a great way to build a business

Point of sale trailers can be a great way to begin building a business. They are an accessible means to display your products, enabling you to move from selling opportunities wherever they’re taking place. It might include a country show, a music festival, a local carnival, in fact anywhere that people gather.

Everything is at hand, from display facilities, cash registers and even changing rooms if appropriate. You have all the benefits of a bespoke shop unit that you’re able to take out on the road. Alternatively, some point of sale trailers may not go out on the road but take advantage of a permanent pitch at another site, such as a sports stadium or venue. Either way, it allows you to place a retail business directly where people gather.

A bespoke retail outlet

As with a fixed shop, point of sale trailers can be adapted to suit the retail requirements of different products. A shop selling wine for instance, will have a different layout and set of fittings to one that’s selling clothes. The same applies to pos trailers, which can be created to fit the needs of whatever it is you intend to sell.

A range of options

Point of sale trailers come in a range of different options and sizes, depending on the size of your business and your product range, from small trailers to large, motorised display units. The size and variety of businesses that go out on the road with trailers varies widely, and the available trailers reflects this.

Our 0m merchandising trailer we created for Kukri , the international sportswear brand, enables them to sell their products at their new location at Lancashire cricket ground. This nimble solution is ideal for the setting and has everything on board that’s needed to display and sell their popular range of products.

Another example of what’s possible when it comes to point of sale trailers is the motorised display unit we created for Carr, Day & Martin. The firm is the world’s oldest company involved in the manufacture and sale of horse care products. Founded in 1765, they’ve held a royal warrant since the reign of King George IV. For this trailer, product display was key, along with plenty of space for customers to view the products and talk to the company representatives. The display unit is now a regular feature at equestrian events across the country.

Contact the experts

When it comes to point of sale trailers, Lynton Trailers are recognised leaders in the field. Our bespoke trailers can be fitted to meet a range of requirements, ensuring that the trailer you receive is fully fit-for-purpose. We’re fully conversant with the design, construction and manufacturing techniques for all variants of mobile units. We always strive to ensure that we incorporate the latest technologies available in order that our product is as up to date as possible. We can also incorporate alternative and renewable energy options into our trailers. Why not contact us to find out more about our services?