Merchandising Trailers

Merchandising Trailers

Merchandising trailers continue to be a highly popular solution for brands and businesses that hope to reach their customers at large events, such as concerts, or small events, such as fairs. Having served clients such as the NHS, Scottish Power, Toyota, Teagle and the Yorkshire Cricket Museum, we are confident that we can assist you irrespective of your reason for needing a merchandising trailer.

Our Merchandising Trailers

Here at Lynton Trailers, our merchandising trailers have been used by organisations across the country.  An ideal promotion solution if you are attending an event in the upcoming months, our trailers come in various shapes and sizes.  Our trailers also boast a wealth of key features that can be tailored and customised to your business needs. Typically, key features of our merchandising trailers include, but are not limited to, the following;
       - Serving Counter
       - Full-Width Canopy
       - Velour Trim
       - Vinyl Wrap
       - Electrical Installation

We Provide Fully Tailored Solutions

Understanding that there is no one size fit for all, we are on hand to cater to your specific needs.  From the colour of your merchandising trailer to the branding featured, we will work with you to ensure that the exterior of your trailer boosts your marketing and assists you in generating interest and maximizing on your return on investment. Merchandising trailers also work well alongside marketing trailers. When you purchase or hire a merchandising trailer from us, we will ensure that the interior of your trailer meets your complete requirements.  From shelves and clothing racks to display cabinets and wall fittings, we can fit and build various bespoke solutions to meet your needs. Check out some of our other display and exhibition trailers we offer, including solutions in point of sale, product promotioncatering.

The Benefits Associated With Merchandising Trailers

Merchandising trailers provide brands worldwide with the ability to attend events, promote and sell merchandise and meet their target audience wherever they may be. However, the benefits associated with merchandising trailers go well beyond the above.  Below, we have outlined just a few of these benefits. Merchandising trailers can:
        - Easily be transported from A to B
        - Towed by vehicles of all sizes
       - Generate greater brand awareness
       - Be purchased in a range of sizes
        - Provide ample space for your sales and marketing team to meet and greet customers

Purchasing Or Hiring A Merchandising Trailer From Lynton Trailers

Unlike other trailer specialists, here at Lynton Trailers, we give you full control over your expenditure.  Although many of our clients opt to purchase merchandising trailers from us, we often find that hiring a merchandising trailer is a suitable option for smaller organisations. For this very reason, we have several merchandising trailers that can be hired for days, weeks or even months.

Contact us Today To Find Out How We Can Support You

At Lynton Trailers, we are specialists within our field.  Providing a bespoke service, regardless of whether you would like to purchase or hire a merchandising trailer for an upcoming event, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your needs. To do so, simply call us on 01457 852700 or email today.