Trailer Maintenance

Business and commercial trailers take a lot of punishment in their everyday use. While they’re constructed to cope with nearly everything you can throw at them, over time they will need maintenance to keep them on the road and doing what’s required of them. With proper maintenance, your investment can keep running smoothly for years to come. At Lynton Trailers, we provide a comprehensive trailer maintenance service to our clients, making it easy to keep them on the road and looking their best.

What is trailer maintenance?

Trailers carry a lot of weight, and as a result, have to be robust enough to withstand all kinds of pressures. However, if they’re not maintained properly they may cause damage to property or even cause injury to people. Despite this, there’s no MOT required for trailers which unfortunately leads many trailer owners to neglect to service their trailers on a regular basis. This runs the risk of problems arising. If you own a trailer that causes damage to property or people, the consequences can be severe for your business. As well as issues of safety, regular trailer maintenance also ensures that your trailers look their best and are a great on-road ambassador for your business.

Routine checks

The Vehicle and Operators Service Agency (VOSA) are now conducting more routine checks on trailers to ensure roadworthiness. If your trailer is found to be in a poor condition it could be seized and you may receive points on your licence.

What should be checked and how often?

While you should check some basic aspects of your trailer every time you use it, such as the coupling, the lights and tyre pressure, your trailer should have regular maintenance depending on its usage. A major service should be carried out at roughly the following intervals:

●     3 months/3000 miles on commercial trailers with intensive use.
●     6 months/6000 miles on light use trailers.

A thorough maintenance check will thoroughly assess the condition of your trailer to ensure the safety and function of parts, as well as the general condition of the bodywork. Two of the most common issues that can occur on poorly maintained trailers are brake cable seizure and the wheel bearing failing. Both of these can rapidly lead to more substantial issues and costly repairs. They also represent a significant health and safety risk. Regular servicing and maintenance identify small problems that can usually be rectified cheaply and easily before they have the chance to become major issues. Even if a trailer is left to stand, particularly through the winter, it still needs to be serviced and maintained. Brake parts, bearings and couplings can all corrode or seize through lack of use. Tyres can perish and electricals can corrode and stop working.

Giving you peace of mind

Regular trailer maintenance from Lynton Trailers ensures that you can keep your trailer fleet on the road and doing their job. We ensure that your trailers are safe, look their best and can be relied upon when you need them. Contact us today to find out more about our trailer maintenance services.  

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