Box Trailers

Box Trailers

A box trailer is a practical and hard-wearing choice of trailer that is fitted for a wide range of different uses.  It’s also one of the most competitively priced types of trailers.

This versatility and affordability have made it an incredibly popular choice for businesses and individuals who are looking to transport more items than they can fit in a car.

Because they’re light and practical they can be towed by a regular family car with a towbar. Relatively affordable and also available to hire, they’re often the first choice of trailer when extra transportation space is needed.

Why choose a box trailer?

Box trailers are a great way to quickly extend the amount of carrying space you have. All you need is a towbar on your car or van and you can hook up a box trailer. This makes it a popular choice for people who run market stall based businesses who may not wish to invest in the purchase price and running costs of a van.  

Box trailers are also a great choice for moving furniture, books and other belongings. Box trailers are relatively simple to tow and don’t require a large amount of experience. Nor do they take up much space when it comes to storage.

If you run events or provide services to events such as music, sound systems, bars or other event accessories, then a box trailer can make for a practical choice. In a range of different sizes and specifications, there’s a box trailer for a wide choice of different uses.

Box trailers from Lynton Trailers

Lynton Trailers have a range of reliable, well-built and practical box trailers to choose from. The Loadtrekker SE is an extremely versatile, yet tough trailer with lightweight construction. With excellent capacity and maneuverability, this trailer is an ideal companion to expand on transport capability economically. Its size makes for easy storage and mobility when on site. Fitted with a secure aluminium roller shutter door, it's also ideal for freeing up vehicle space on leisure trips.

The Loadlugger 400 provides more space and is an ideal choice for businesses that spend time on the road. The unit has a full-width roller shutter door for ease of access and a rigid insulated body makes it tough and durable. It offers high levels of security and its torsion bar beam axles mean that it’s straightforward to tow.

The Lynton Single Axle Display Trailer provides an accessible means of providing mobile promotions for events. It’s a great entry-level display trailer when your budget is limited without compromising on performance or quality. It provides the perfect backdrop to your displays and gives your business reach and presence without breaking the bank.  This compact trailer is fitted with a wind out awning to protect against the weather, perfect for outdoor and indoor events. The trailer comes with a range of features including aluminium steps with polished handrails, double doors, a pair of 20ft aluminium flag poles and carpet tiles or slip-resistant vinyl floor covering.

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