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Street food catering trailers

Catering trailers

There has been an explosion of interest in street food, eating out and events catering over the past decade or so. Whereas once mobile catering units might have been limited in what they offered, now the range is practically limitless. They offer a great way for people with a passion for food to enter the market and offer a service. Whether it’s vegan food, mobile pizza ovens or jacket potato trailers, mobile catering trailers can be found at events across the country twelve months of the year.

What do catering trailers offer?

Mobile catering trailers are an accessible way for people to build a catering business from the ground up. For a relatively low outlay you can have a highly functional catering unit that you can transport to events. They can be modest, with basic cooking facilities and refrigeration, or more elaborate, perhaps incorporating space for people to sit and eat. Whatever you opt for, a mobile catering unit allows you to go where people are and share your passion for food. Catering trailers can be a steppingstone towards a bricks and mortar catering establishment, or maybe a means for a restaurant or cafe to get out and about meeting more customers. Available in a wide range of sizes and specifications, from small mobile units perfect for start-ups, to larger units that can meet the needs of sizeable catering operations, there is sure to be an option that suits your requirements. Catering trailers allow you to get your business up and running and in a place where people gather, whether that’s for festivals, country fairs, conferences, weddings and exhibitions.

What sort of trailers can be used as catering trailers?

Bespoke catering trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Our 5.5m exhibition trailer has been fitted out with a large working kitchen, refrigeration and internal seating as well as patio doors. It has a counter for serving, electrical installation and a full-width canopy. It’s a sizeable trailer, making it ideal for larger catering operations, particularly those who provide the main food operation at large scale events such as conferences or weddings. A smaller and more nimble option is our 4.0m merchandising trailer. It’s a great entry-level option for start-ups, who want to get out on the road serving delicious food to members of the public. If you provide pop-up catering, market catering, street food or exhibition catering, then it could be an ideal choice. Between these two examples are a range of other options that allow the growing business to develop the service they offer.  

Lynton Trailers are the catering trailer experts

If you’re considering starting a mobile catering business to take your passion for great food to the public, then Lynton Trailers would love to help. If you’re an established catering business looking for a bespoke unit that allows you to get out on the road, then we can design and create something that matches your requirements. To find out more about what we offer contact us online.