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Outdoor events catering trailers

Outdoor Events

Attending outdoor events enables catering businesses to expand their reach, acquire new customers and increase their revenue stream.   To ensure that the benefits of outdoor events can be taken advantage of, a well-equipped outdoor catering event trailer is necessary. From small trailers featuring a hatch to larger trailers boasting spacious kitchen facilities, here at Lynton Trailers, we have a wide range of outdoor catering trailers that we are sure will assist you as you look to hit the road.  

Our Catering Outdoor Event Trailers

Irrespective of the event you are attending, we are confident that we have an outdoor event trailer for you.  Find out more about our range of outdoor event trailers below or contact us directly today to discuss your needs.  

4.0M Merchandising Trailer

Ideal for catering businesses looking to serve hot and cold food at trade shows and outdoor events, this catering trailer is equipped with a serving counter and indoor storage space.  

5.4M Demonstration Trailer

If you require a smaller outdoor catering event trailer, our 5.4M Demonstration Trailer is recommended. Boasting ample space for guests to socialise, this trailer is fitted with a small refrigerator and kitchen facility.

7.0M Exhibition Trailer

One of our fleet's largest outdoor catering trailers, the 7.0M Exhibition Trailer is equipped with a kitchen, indoor seating area, and patio seating.  

5.4M Exhibition Trailer

Boasting onboard kitchen facilities and a spacious seating area, our 5.4M Exhibition Trailer features plenty of storage space and separate entrances for kitchen staff and guests.

5.5M Exhibition Trailer

Fitted with a sizable kitchen, refrigerator, and internal seating, our 5.5M Exhibition Trailer is suitable for catering businesses looking to attend large outdoor events.  

Hiring Catering Outdoor Event Trailers From Lynton Trailers

Although many of our customers will purchase a catering trailer from us, if you find yourself in need of a catering trailer for one or two events within the next 12-months, hiring from us may be a more suitable option. Hiring from our fleet of trailers will enable you to take advantage of all the benefits that purchasing a trailer affords, but for a much lower cost.  If hiring is more appropriate for your current needs, we welcome you to select from the following catering trailers:

- Senator 5.4M
- Diplomat 7.0M
- Executive 5.4M & 4.2M
- Select 4.2M
- Regent 7.0M

Each of the above trailers are equipped with kitchen space, a refrigerator, storage space and seating areas.  

Why Take Advantage Of Our Catering Trailers?

Easy to transport from event to event, our outdoor catering trailers enable small and large catering businesses to showcase their services and products across the country.  Our outdoor catering trailers can also be personalised to meet your branding needs, thanks to our refurbishment services.

Contact Us Today

From public and private exhibitions to parades, sports events and music events, our catering trailers are suitable for a wide range of outdoor events. To learn more about our trailers and obtain a no-obligation quote, please get in touch via our contact us page today.